Ideal Mowing Training

On Monday, March 26th Scott Muehlhauser, our distributor from Scott’s Power Equipment, came to our facility and trained approximately 40 members of our mowing crew on the daily maintenance of each mower.

We recently purchased 38 Ferris mowers from Scott’s Power Equipment and all of them are Propane powered.  As soon as the weather warms up, and the grass starts growing, we can’t wait to use these new mowers. The stand on mowers are new to us so we had the guys practice using them on the parking lot. We got this training in just before the deluge of rain started last week.

Below are some photos from the day. Click here to learn more about our commercial landscaping maintenance services.

2018 mowing training day 5 2018 mowing training day 4 2018 mowing training day 3 2018 mowing training day 2 2018 mowing training day


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