West Side Missionary Baptist Church

Project Description:

Our construction division recently completed the installation of what we believe to be the largest paver parking lot in the city, spanning an impressive 64,000 square feet. Working collaboratively with the Metropolitan Sewer District, the West Side Missionary Baptist Church undertook this ambitious project, resulting in a paver parking lot that covered an area equivalent to nearly 1.5 acres.

The use of permeable pavers was a key component of this project, enabling stormwater to naturally drain through the surface while still remaining in place. By employing this innovative approach, we not only fulfilled the requirements set forth by MSD’s Project Clear but also secured $300,000 in funding to support the completion of the project.

To make way for the parking lot, we had to demolish several old city flats, creating ample space for the development. Over the course of approximately three months, our team worked diligently to bring this project to fruition. The finishing touches were skillfully applied, and by early January 2022, the project was successfully completed.